Venetian Walls & Gates

Makasi Gate

One of the two most powerful bastions of the city is Martinengo, which was named after Gabriele Tandini di Martinengo, the distinguished Venetian military engineer and successful officer who in 1519 took over the general supervision of the fortifications of Crete. The bastion’s military gate is known as the Martinengo Gate or Makasi Gate – …

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Gate of Jesus

According to the Italian historian and scholar of Venetian Crete, Joseph Guerola, Jesus Gate is the “most beautiful gate of Chandakas (Chandax)”. It is a public gate that owes its name, like its bastion, to a small church dedicated to Christ that once stood nearby. It was through this gate that those heading for the …

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Vitturi Gate

Vitturi Gate or the “Provveditore Generale Gate” is located on one of the most powerful bastions of Chandakas, the Bastion of Agios Eleftherios which took its name from a small church nearby. It was named after the Provveditore Generale (General Intendant of Crete) Giovanni Vitturi whose coat of arms was placed in the corner of …

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Manos Hatzidakis Small Open-Air Garden Theatre

In 1980, following a proposal by Manos Hatzidakis and according to the designs by Dionysis Fotopoulos, a Small open-air Garden Theatre was built, right behind the large open-air garden theatre, at the piazza bassa (lit. “Low square”) of the Gate of Jesus. It was recently named after the great Greek composer. It is a prefabricated …

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