Makasi Gate


One of the two most powerful bastions of the city is Martinengo, which was named after Gabriele Tandini di Martinengo, the distinguished Venetian military engineer and successful officer who in 1519 took over the general supervision of the fortifications of Crete. The bastion’s military gate is known as the Martinengo Gate or Makasi Gate – from the Turkish word meaning “pointsman”. Although military, the Martinengo Gate has a monumental facade towards the city, made with special care, as if it were a main – urban gate. In recent years, the Makasi Lodge has been associated with one of the darkest moments in local and world history. During World War II, prisoners were held there before being transported to concentration camps. Because of this dramatic event, the Lodge has been turned into a place of remembrance. In its first section, from the side of the city, votive columns inscribe the names of the prisoners, while its second section, the one that ends in the eastern “low square” of the Martinego Bastion, is going to host an exhibition dedicated to the National Resistance. Today, the Gate functions as a Memorial Museum of the city’s history.

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