Welcome to Heraklion


where Crete begins!


Heraklion, the beating heart of Crete!

Heraklion is the city that takes you on a journey through dreamy labyrinths, full of history and tradition.
It is the largest urban centre of Crete and a mythic land.
It has been a crossroads of peoples and cultures since it is the place where the Minoans, Mycenaeans, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans had lived.
Today, Heraklion is a mosaic of history, culture, flavours and dreams, with its hospitable people coming first.
Heraklion is a vibrant, charming city with Minoan palaces, Venetian castles, beaches with crystal-clear waters and luxury hotels for visitors to relax and great museums. It has a warm climate and a charming mainland adorned with picturesque villages. Is is a city with a long tradition and excellent local cuisine.
Heraklion is a city for all tastes and welcomes you to discover all its beauties with all your senses.



...invites you to explore it!



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