Wine with a long history


Crete has a wine tradition of 4,000 years.

It is testified by the discoveries in the area of Kato Zakro, where the oldest cultivated vine was found. In Vathypetro, near Heraklion, archaeologists excavated the oldest winepress that dates back over 3,500 years.

Cretan land is full of treasures

The new generation of Cretan wines combined with the renowned local cuisine of Crete will take your vacation to another dimension of pleasure.
Crete is a wine ark that hides excellent local varieties but also very well adapted international varieties with great potential.

Did you know… The geographical indications for Cretan wines are as follows:

  • PDO Sitia, PDO Malvasia Sitia – Lasithi
  • PDO Peza – Heraklion
  • PDO Archanes – Heraklion
  • PDO Dafnes – Heraklion
  • PDO Handakas-Candia & Malvasia Handakas-Candia – Heraklion

Wine roads

They say, good wine starts from the vine!

The Cretan wine revolution is here, proudly led by the new generation of winemakers who work wonders. Come and discover the award-winning local wines. Guided by the aroma of good wine, enjoy unforgettable walks through the verdant vineyards, taste classic or new “labels” in the cellars of well-tended local wineries and indulge in the sweet euphoria of the magical world of wine.




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