Olive oil


Of all the local products of Crete, one that stands out for its quality and taste is definitely the extra virgin olive oil. Rich in antioxidants, it has a number of benefits for longevity and good health. Every Cretan household uses local olive oil.
Plenty of olive mills are open for tours and tastings, where local guides will guide you through the history and secrets of Cretan olive oil. Don’t forget to try the delicious olives.

“For the oil, half now half later”

There is a secret in Crete that has been established by the old housewives: they pour half the amount of olive oil in the recipe at the beginning of cooking, sauté for 2 minutes, just enough to sear and soften the ingredients, and add the rest amount to the crock pot (“tsikali”) at the finish, to add extra aroma and release the flavors.




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