Military Gates of Bethlehem


The Bethlehem bastion was named after a small church of Virgin Mary of Bethlehem built in the fields, outside the wall. The bastion was served by the two military gates of the same name, the North and the South. The city-side façade of the North Bethlehem Gate stands out for its elaborate design, reminiscent of a main, urban gate. The date 1538 is inscribed on the exit gallery to the moat above the doorway. Today, the military gates of Bethlehem bastion have also changed use, as have many of the other gates, and are now parts of the cultural life of the city. Plenty of artistic events are now held in the “low squares” where soldiers once passed by holding cannons and firing. In the southern “low square” visitors can enjoy works of the “seventh art” under the starlight in the “Municipal Summer Cinema”. Similarly, the northern “low square” of the Bethlehem bastion hosts artistic events and exhibitions especially during the summer period.





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