Gate of San Andrea or Gate of Assault


During the last years of the siege of the Venetian-occupied Chandakas (Chandax), the coastal wall, which was the weakest part of the fort walls, was fiercely attacked by the Turks. In 1669, Ottoman conquerors invaded the city by entering this part of the walls after the surrender of the city. The San Andrea bastion, which had almost been razed to the ground, was rebuilt. The heart-shaped bastion, which is still visible today, along with its strong rampart were built by the Turks. The military coastal gate of San Andrea, which, like the bastion, took its name from a nearby church dedicated to Saint Andrew, was rightly renamed ‘Yürüş Κapısı’ (Gate of Assault). In later years, the Gate of San Andrea was demolished to open up the coastal road of the modern city. However, the southern part of the arch of the gate survives to remind us, even vaguely, of its existence.

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