Gate of Dermata


The Gate of Dermata was opened on the coastal front of the fortification, between the San Andrea bastion and the Sabbionara bastion. It was also called Giudecca or Judaica or Jewish Gate because it was adjacent to the leather craft industries of Chandaκas and also because the Jewish quarter was near. Dermatas Gate was completed between 1590 and 1595 and cost very little: only 100 zecchini (Venetian gold coins). The Venetians used stones from demolished houses and employed peasants, who were subjected to forced labor, to build the gate. However, despite the low budget, the cityward façade was of monumental style. The years after World War II, proved to be crucial for the Gate of Dermata since there were changes all over the city. Its imposing façade, as well as its entire southern part, was demolished. Today, Skordilon Street was constructed in its place. The remaining part of the gate was extended seaward.

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