Vitturi Gate


Vitturi Gate or the “Provveditore Generale Gate” is located on one of the most powerful bastions of Chandakas, the Bastion of Agios Eleftherios which took its name from a small church nearby. It was named after the Provveditore Generale (General Intendant of Crete) Giovanni Vitturi whose coat of arms was placed in the corner of the bastion when its construction was completed in 1540. The homonymous gate, which served exclusively military purposes, helped the defenders to move inside and outside the bastion. The entrance to the now-restored Vitturi Gate is located on Pediadas Street, in Vigla. There is a “mina” carved vertically into the wall which was opened during the siege of Chandakas at the end of the exit to the moat. In World War II, it was used as a shelter by the residents of Heraklion. Today, during the summer months cultural events and exhibitions are held near the gate, at the “low square”.





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