Stoa Makasi, Manos Hatzidakis open-air Theatre, Nikos Kazantzakis open-air Theatre, Fontana Bembo - Sebil, 1866 Str. The Traditional Market, Region - Courthouse
Stoa Makasi a total of 110m in length, is one of the many military stoes of the Venetian fortification which connected the inner city with the eastern Piazza Bassa of Martinengo bastion. 
Manos Hatzidakis open-air Theatre. One of the distinctive features of the bastion was the piazza bassa (lit. "Low square"), constructed in the bastion flank, at the point where the bastion abutted the curtain wall, built at an intermediate level between the ditch and the scarp. Today the piazze basse have been fully restored and converted into venues for cultural events of various types. Plays and concerts are held in the piazza bassa in the Jesus Bastion.  
Nikos Kazantzakis open-air Theatre. The ditch surrounding earthworks was designed to keep the enemy as far from the enceinte as possible. The greater part of the original ditch protecting the landward side of Candia survives to this day.  The land in the ditch has been turned over to the public and converted into parks and entertainment venues,as it is the “Nikos Kazantzakis Open-Air Theatre” in the ditch between the  Jesus and Martinengo Bastions. 
Fontana Bembo - Sebil was constructed between 1552 and 1554 by Capetano Gianmatteo Bembo, who was the first to bring spring water to Candia through an aqueduct. The “charity” fountain (Sebil) was built in 1776 by Haci Ibrahim Aga. Today it is used as a café. 
1866 Str. The Traditional Market is situated along 1866 Str., which also during the Venetian and later the Ottoman period was one of the most commercial streets. It was also then the road that connected the city centre with the Palace of the Duke and the Cathedral of St Mark with the very prominent monastery church of Christ the Saviour.
Region - Courthouse
Region - Courthouse. The present day building complex consisting of the Region building and the Courthouse arose from the Turkish barracks which replaced the Venetian St. George Barracks.
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