Coffee time at Bembo Fountain


At Kornarou square or “Valide Mosque”, besides the sculpture of Aretousa and Erotokritos at the beginning of the cobbled street of the Old Market, you will find one of the most beautiful and historical fountains of the city, the Bembo Fountain.

It was the first fountain that supplied Venetian Candia with running water. It has now been standing for centuries next to the Turkish sebil (charity fountain) that was built later. The Bembo Fountain was completed in 1552-1554 and took its name from its constructor Gian Matteo Bembo. The fountain is decorated with Renaissance and Gothic elements in white marble. In the middle above the basin, which is a Roman sarcophagus, a headless statue, also of the Roman period, which was brought from Ierapetra, has been placed.

Today the area surrounding the fountain is a real oasis for relaxation, a picturesque square overlooking the heart of the market. Around the fountain you will find many cozy cafés to have your coffee.

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