Sweet pumpkin with chestnuts and olives


Sweet pumpkin with chestnuts and olives

by Chef’s Club of Crete


  • Cut the pumpkin into small pieces. 
  • Then, cut the onions, pepper and chestnuts. Boil the pumpkin and its stock. Soak xinohondros in cold water and cold milk. In a pot, add olive oil and all ingredients apart from chestnuts, xinohondros and mint and sauté them lightly.
  • Deglaze with tsikoudia and white wine, stir and on first boil lower temperature to moderate heat and then cook by simmering (if needed, add broth from the boiled pumpkin).
  • Strain xinohondros and add it in the pot along with chestnuts. 
  • Simmer food and right before serving, add chopped fresh mint.



for the recipe

2 Kg sweet pumpkin
3 bay leaves
15 g garlic
180 g xinohondros (frumenty)
100 ml milk
100 g pitted green olives
150 g olive oil
A bunch of spring onions
1 red hot pepper
100 g chestnuts
A bunch of mint
20 ml tsikoudia
60 ml white wine
Salt & cardamom powder




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