Rabbit with fresh almonds


Rabbit with fresh almonds, green olives & lentil (moukentra recipe) for 4 persons


  • In a big utensil we mix the marinade ingredients and put inside the rabbit or hare parts. We marinate for 12 hours. 
  • We preheat the oven in 180°C. In a big frying pan or wide or shallow pot we heat the olive oil and brown the marinated meat parts in high temperature until they are getting browned enough. 
  • Then, we add the onions and sauté them until they are getting dried. 
  • We add the flour, mix until to absorb the olive oil and then we put the marinade.
  •  We leave just for a good boiling and then we transfer the food in a baking dish. We put salt and pepper. 
  • We roast it in the oven for an hour by often spilling the rabbit with the liquid of the baking dish. 
  • After half an hour we add the olives and the lentil blanched. In the end we pour the juice and the zest of the lemon, then, we sprinkle with the parsley and serve it at once.



for the recipe

For the rabbit
1 rabbit 1500 gr (or hare), cut in portions
300 gr green olives, without pits
300 gr fresh almonds
300 gr lentil blanched
Juice & zest from a lemon
4 onions medium coarsened
150 gr olive oil
2 tbsp flour
Minced parsley
Salt, pepper, cardamom

For the marinade:
1 minced onion
2 minced carrots
2 melted cloves of garlic
1 parsley stick
2 fennel sticks
1 tbsp fennel seeds
1 tbsp black pepper granulated
2 wine glasses of white wine, unresinated
1 wineglass of vinegar




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