Georgiadis Park


Take a stroll through the Georgiadis Park that extends near the Eleftherias Square, right across the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos[i] and is one of the largest green oases in the city. In the northern entrance of the park, you will come across a small, beautiful garden with Cretan herbs, while the playground on the southern side of the park is the ideal place for children to run, play around and bike. The bust of Mayor Minas Georgiadis crowns the entrance to the park[ii]. Georgiadis Park is a “green” escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can simply enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon refreshment in the café inside the park, while during the summer months, the park hosts many cultural events and festivals you can attend while enjoying the green surroundings.

(i) Greek politician (1864–1936), Prime Minister of the Cretan State and seven times Prime Minister of Greece. As a statesman, he played a significant role in the Cretan Autonomy as well as in the political scene of Greece from 1910 until his death. As a prime minister of Greece, he achieved the organization of the country to the standards of a civil state and the increase of its territorial extent. (ii) Mayor of Heraklion in 1934, who was arrested for his acts of resistance during the Occupation, was imprisoned and later executed in Gazi (June 2, 1942) along with 62 Martyrs.

where to EAT


in the area

• At a close distance from the park, you can enjoy your coffee or dessert in one of the cafés located around the Eleftherias Square. (COFFEE)
• You can also visit the restaurants at Megaron Ntoré and enjoy your food or drink along with the amazing view of the city center and the port of Heraklion. (MODERN ASIAN CUISINE)




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