Parks & Squares

Eleftherias Square

Eleftherias Square (meaning “Freedom Square”) is the largest square at the heart of the city that bursts of life during all hours of day and night. It is a favorite meeting point for all age groups who enjoy their coffee at the cafés around the square as well as for youngsters who engage into activities

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Kornarou Square

At the end of the central market lies the Kornarou Square or “Valide Tzami” (Valide Mosque) owing its name to the great Cretan poet, Vitsentzos Kornaros (or Vincenzo Cornaro) (1553-16), one of the leading figures of the Cretan Renaissance and the writer of multiverse rhymed narrative and romantic poem “Erotokritos”. During the Venetian rule, the

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Georgiadis Park

Take a stroll through the Georgiadis Park that extends near the Eleftherias Square, right across the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos[i] and is one of the largest green oases in the city. In the northern entrance of the park, you will come across a small, beautiful garden with Cretan herbs, while the playground on the southern

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Lions Square

The Lions Square or Eleftheriou Venizelou Square is the heart of Heraklion city and the favorite gathering place for locals and visitors. Here, the morning tourists arriving by ferry make a stop for their breakfast, especially the local bougatsa, while waiting for the city to wake up. During the day, thousands of passersby and tourists

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