Visit Dafnes, a village famous for the production of wine and olive oil since the 13th century. Follow the route to St. Ioannis Prodromos, relax in the shade of the adjacent giant Cretan oak tree and then visit one of the province’s largest and most beautiful fountains at Kavousi. Cool off at Tsigounis spring and cross the old bridge that connects the riverbanks. Travel to the past, meeting one of the last farriers of Crete and watch him up close practicing his profession. Try the famous wine of the area and accompany it with “ofto” (=meat cooked in the wood-fired oven) in one of the taverns of the area. In fact, if you want to gain a special experience, visit one of the nearby wineries, see how the wine is produced and give over to its taste. The famous wine festival organized every year, as well as the annual celebration of the Three Children on September should definitely be included in your program!


  • Old Fountain ,one of the most beautiful fountains in the area. The fountain is built from white limestone and dressed stones.
  • Varouchas Kokotos’ Estate. Restored mansion with an  old stone press.
  • Traditional Building “Arodamos”, made of stone and wood. The building has a tavern that serves dishes based on traditional Cretan recipes.
  • Fabrica (Factory). The building has been restored and is currently being used by the cultural association of the village.

Monasteries and Temples


  • Temple of The Cincture of the Virgin Mary and St. Nikolaos in the village square. Two-aisled old church of The Cincture of the Virgin Mary (Greek: Agia Zoni) and St. Nikolaos, where a piece of the Cincture is kept.
  • Temple of St. Anna Visit the cave of St. Anna, which is located next to the church of The Cincture of the Virgin Mary and St. Nikolaos.


Try traditional dishes cooked with virgin olive oil produced in the area and stands out for its nutrients and taste. Also, do not forget to visit one of the four wineries in the area that process the rich harvests of the vineyards, keeping alive the reputation for the quality of the “wine of Dafnes” and live a unique experience!

Cottage Industry-Traditional Occupations

Browse the picturesque alleys of the village and discover traditional aspects of everyday life that will take you back in time! Visit one of the last farriers of Crete and see up close how the horseshoes are made and fitted on horses or donkeys. Meet religious iconographers, soap makers and traditional instrument makers, ask about their art and products and of course, if you want, get some of them!




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