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Discover Avgeniki and live unique experiences! The settlement got its name during the Venetian occupation (1204-1669), and comes from the word “Eugeniki” which means in Greek “noble”, as the nobility used to reside there. Take a tour of the picturesque alleys of the village, where you will find traditional houses and historic churches with Byzantine

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Visit the village, which used to be a Venetian resort in the past, explore the alleyways, the central square, and the traditional neighborhoods and admire the imposing Venetian mansions. Travel through time and history via Minoan presses, Byzantine churches and factories, each with its own story to tell. Follow the route to the gorge of

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Browse the narrow alleys, smell the blooming flowers in the courtyards of the houses and admire tasteful buildings of great architectural interest, such as the Byzantine church of St. Paraskevi. Relax for a while in the nearby park and listen to the sounds of nature. Cool off in one of the stone fountains of the

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Visit Dafnes, a village famous for the production of wine and olive oil since the 13th century. Follow the route to St. Ioannis Prodromos, relax in the shade of the adjacent giant Cretan oak tree and then visit one of the province’s largest and most beautiful fountains at Kavousi. Cool off at Tsigounis spring and

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