January 2022

Yenicar Aga Fountain

This fountain is now situated at the top of Ikarou Avenue next to the Museum Epigraphy Collection. The lavishly decorated spout is in an arch flanked by two pillars adorned with rosettes. Water gathered in a marble basin lavishly decorated with reliefs.

Idomenea Fountain

It was built at the end of the 17th century. It is located behind the Historical Museum of the city. It consists of two columns. Between them is a marble slab with relief decoration. The original location of the fountain was on Michelidaki Street, outside the house of the doctor, Idomeneas Markatatis.

Fontana Priuli

During the siege of Chandax, the Turks cut off the supply pipe to the Fontana Morosini, leaving the city dry. It was then that Provveditor General Antonio Priuli discovered groundwater in the defensive ditch outside the Bethlehem Bastion, on the southern landward side of the enceinte. This he diverted to the Dermata Gate opposite, and …

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Bembo Fountain

The Venetian Bembo Fountain looms over the Kornarou square, next to the Turkish sebil (charity fountain) built later. The fountain was constructed between the years 1552-1554 by the captain Gian Matteo Bembo who was the first to bring spring water in Chandax via an aqueduct.The fountain bears Gothic and Renaissance elements/adornments as well as the …

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Fontana Morosini

The Fontana Morosini (‘Lions’) is the best-known fountain in Heraklion, serving as a landmark for locals and visitors alike. Following recent restoration work, it is now one of the city’s finest monuments. The eight-lobed basin rests on an ornate three-stepped pedestal. It is adorned with reliefs of scenes from mythology and marine life, such as …

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