Bembo Fountain


The Venetian Bembo Fountain looms over the Kornarou square, next to the Turkish sebil (charity fountain) built later. The fountain was constructed between the years 1552-1554 by the captain Gian Matteo Bembo who was the first to bring spring water in Chandax via an aqueduct.
The fountain bears Gothic and Renaissance elements/adornments as well as the coats of arms of the Duke Alvise Gritti and his advisors Giovanni Tiepolo, Giorgio Emo and Pietro Marino. The spout of the fountain features embossed decoration with plant scenes. There was a marble basin for collecting water which at first must have been a Roman sarcophagus. The fountain was topped by pediment which unfortunately was removed later. A large headless Roman statue stands in the middle of the fountain which was brought there from Ierapetra.
In 1938 the tank for the collection of water was removed upon which the fountain was embedded in order for the square to be formed.
During Venetian and Ottoman rule, the fountain was vital for the inhabitants, a fact that explains all the huge efforts made and the money spent for its maintenance in order to be constantly functional.
Nowadays, the place surrounding the fountain is a real oasis for its visitors where they can take a rest during their daily routine.





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