Tyrosuli stuffed with honey, walnuts and cinnamon


Tyrosuli stuffed with honey, walnuts and cinnamon

A recipe in collaboration with Cheesemaker Nektarios Zacharakis and the team at Hotel The Village Resort & Waterpark


For the stuffing:

  •  In a pan over low heat, roast the chopped walnuts for 4΄-5΄.
  •  Add the honey and cinnamon.
  •  We withdraw from fire.

For the cheese: 

  • Put the milk to a boil in a saucepan, stirring constantly. We constantly check its temperature with the thermometer. 
  • When it reaches 88 ºC, stop the rapid stirring, add the Vinegar (or the sour) and mix with a slotted spoon, slowly lifting the gel from the bottom.
  •  In 5΄΄, the milk starts to cut and takes on a lemon-yellow color. 
  • Do not turn off the heat until the temperature reaches 92-93 ºC. 
  • Pour into a colander and let it drain. 
  • Add the filling and stir lightly to go everywhere. 
  • Add the salt. 
  • Put the tulip in the plastic mold and press it lightly to remove the liquids.
  • We can serve it after 2 h. or leave it in a cool place at 17-22 ºC for 2-3 days.


  • Cheesemakers usually when they make the first cheeses, cross the gel.
  • The milk should be fresh.
  • The 6 kg of milk produces about 1kg of cheese.
  • We check the nuts for any shells.
  • Serve the tyrosuli lukewarm with hot honey and roasted walnuts, almonds, etc. 
  • We can cut it into slices and pass it through the oven, even on the grill.
  • But it is necessary to bake it on a greased pan for a better result.



για τη συνταγή

For the tyrosuli (cheese):
6 kg of fresh sheep’s milk
80 gr. vinegar or 11 gr. Sour

For the stuffing:
100 gr. chopped walnuts
200 gr. thyme honey of Crete
1 tablespoon cinnamon




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