The village of Agios Myronas

We must travel twenty kilometres away from Heraklion to reach the picturesque village of Agios Myronas with its breathtaking panoramic view.

You cannot help but marvel at the stone houses, which you would think that a painter’s hand has placed on the verdant hillside.

Vineyards, cypresses, and olive trees spread out before you, in a place where the magic of nature meets traditional architecture.

The entire village is a living monument, with the impressive, stone-built houses, the picturesque alleys and the clock standing imposingly on the slopes of the two hills where the village was built, underlining the unique culture and tradition of this place.

The village named after the Bishop of Crete, Agios Myronas, is built on the top of two hills. At an altitude of 340 meters, it dominates the entire province of Malevizi and its panoramic view of the entire region is literally breathtaking.

In a prominent position is the cathedral of Agios Myronas, who gave his name to the village. The tomb and the remains of the saint are located inside the church.

To the west and underneath the temple is the skete, where the Saint lived as a monk, and which was later converted into a chapel.

If you visit on hot summer days, you will sit in the shaded arbor of the cafes among flowers and basil trees to have a coffee and a glass of chilled tsikoudia, whereas during the winter you will gaze at the view from the warm, sheltered balcony.

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