The city hall in the Venetian Loggia


Every time they conquered a city, the Venetians would construct a luxurious building, where the nobles and lords could spend their time pleasantly. In Candia, this building was Loggia (open-air gallery).

Loggia is the name of the building that currently houses the city hall of Heraklion. It is located on the most historic and beautiful pedestrian street of the city, at 25 August street. At the time of the Venetian rule, this beautiful building was a meeting place for nobles and lords, who met to talk various economic, commercial, and political issues that concerned the city.

It is considered one of the most elegant architectural monuments in Candia of the Venetian period, a representative example of the Palladian style. The construction that survives today is the fourth construction in a row. It was built around 1628 by General Provisioner of Crete, Francisco Morosini, and is located next to the armory (Armeria). It was once the center of the administrative and social life of the city of Chandax. 

After the conquest of the city by the Turks, Loggia lost its old identity and glory. After the Second World War, reconstruction works of the Monument began.

Today, a special room for ceremonies and meetings of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Heraklion has been set up on the first floor. 

The Venetian Loggia of Heraklion has been awarded in 1987 by the International Organization Europa Nostra for the most successful restoration of a historical building with modern use in Greece.

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