Safari in the canyons of the South


In the rugged terrain of Crete, the rivers create hundreds of wild and inaccessible gorges, with many steep descents and impressive waterfalls. In recent years, a new sport has gained many fans in Crete. Canyoning, which means crossing a canyon with special technical equipment.

Crete is one of the best canyoning destinations in Greece. The most beautiful canyons are located in the prefecture of Heraklion, on the side of the South Cretan Sea and in the prefecture of Lasithi, near Agios Nikolaos. The untouched nature of the Cretan gorges combined with the mild climate that prevails on the island all year round will fascinate you.

Canyoning is the ultimate adventure in nature. Diving from waterfalls, natural water slides and exploring places only a few people get to see.

Once inside a gorge, the high canyon walls are awe-inspiring. The running waters form waterfalls like curtains. Each canyon has many hidden secrets, such as multiple cave networks and incredible rock formations.

Experience it but follow the safety measures. Discover the gorges of Crete under the guidance of experienced mountain guides and excellent technical equipment. The experience can only be described as unique.

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