Let’s meet at the square… Eleftherias Square


Eleftherias Square (Liberty Square) is the most central point of the city. It has experienced glorious moments and up to this day it’s setting the pulse of the city life.

This large square is a reference point for Heraklion, while also symbolizing the liberty that was won with the Cretans’ blood.

The free space where Eleftherias Square lies today was used in the Venetian period as a training ground for the Venetian mercenary army and was called Campo Marzio or Piazza d’Armi. Later when the St. George Gate was built in the 16th century, the square was renamed St. George Square. On the eastern side of Eleftherias Square is the Heraklion Archaeological Museum.

There are many cozy cafés to relax in before you go shopping in the big department stores in the center. The city’s modern market starts here and spreads out along the pedestrian streets of Dikeosynis, Kalokairinou, Idis, Evans, Daidalos, 1821. Today, the center of Heraklion has many branded stores and modern boutiques. In the heart of the city, the atmosphere remains unique and ideal for a walk.

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