Go up to the village of Kyparissi with the wonderful view to Profitis Ilias and the green plain. Navigate its alleys and let your imagination travel to the past. Relax in the village tavern and try traditional dishes, such as ofto lamb, french fries or boiled meat with rice accompanied by good wine directly from the owner’s barrel. Noteworthy cultural events are organized in the village every summer at the Theater of the Fields, as well as a big festival on July 26 & 27 on the occasion of the celebration of the village patron, Saint Panteleimon.

Monasteries – Temples

St. George Kaimenos

Walk to the place of Kaimenos among olive groves and vineyards until you reach the church of St. George. According to a local tradition, one night a Turk entered the village, caught a Christian girl and raped her. She cursed him to become black like her soul. Later, as the Turk stood on the carob tree of St. George to drink water, lightning struck him immediately, incinerating him. Therefore, since then this area is called Kaimenos, which means “burnt” in Greek.



The inhabitants are mainly engaged in olive growing, viticulture, beekeeping and the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. If you are in the area during the raki distillation period, be sure to visit one of the four famous rakokazana, which operate in the village and attract visitors from all over the area. There you will see up close the traditional way of making raki and you will enjoy yourself together with the locals. Do not forget to go to the village farm, where two cousins decided to cultivate the family estates with love and respect for traditions, in order to offer traditional Cretan herbs of high quality and special taste. There you will have the opportunity to obtain all the well-known herbs of Crete, such as oregano, thyme, dittany, sage, etc., but also more obscure ones, such as malotira.




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