Holy Monastery of Paliani

In Venerato village drive the lush green road that leads to the Monastery of Panagia Paliani, ascend to an altitude of 280 m. and you will see one of the oldest monasteries in Crete (6th century). Its name is associated with the name “Old Monastery” (Palaea Moni), which over the centuries became “Paliani”. According to another version, its name is associated with the ancient city of Apollonia, which is said to have been built nearby. The monastery surrounds a large courtyard with colorful flowers, in the center of which is the main church, a three-aisled basilica  from the 14th century, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin (celebrated on August 15), the Three Hierarchs (January 30) and St. Panteleimonas (July 27), while there is also a small chapel of the Holy Apostles (June 30). In the same place, you can visit the museum that houses icons, sacred relics and various books of great historical and archaeological value. Finally, take a closer look at the myrtle tree, which according to religious tradition is miraculous and an icon of Virgin Mary was found in its braided trunk. 

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