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Craftsmanship, as defined by the dictionary, is an object primarily created by hand and not by machine. In a second interpretation, it is also the elegant craft for something small, handmade, and tasteful. In Crete, such small masterpieces are encountered not only in museums or art spaces, but in most homes on the island. Handicrafts are intertwined with the everyday life of Cretans because they primarily serve practical needs with aesthetics at the same time.

As you walk through the city or the villages of the countryside, you can discover small craft workshops and hospitable folk artisans who will guide you through all stages of their art: from the raw material they use to the final touch in the handmade product they create. From hand-woven fabrics to blacksmiths, precious Cretan worry beads, unique ceramic objects, handwoven Cretan baskets, and much more, the folk arts passed down from generation to generation are one of the authentic treasures of Cretan identity.

Craftsmanship in Heraklion constitutes a pillar of sustainable local development and an intense hub of entrepreneurship and creator cohesion, whose works travel beyond Greece. You will find unique types of folk art that combine traditional motifs with contemporary ideas. The best gifts for souvenir mementos to take back home from a trip that will remain unforgettable.

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