Cretan traditional noodles with lamb


Cretan traditional noodles with lamb cooked in its broth, fresh thyme and thin slices of Cretan graviera cheese

by chef Tsananas Dimitris

Instructions :

Cretan traditional noodles

  • Boil “al dente”
  •  Leave to cool down an sprinkle with olive oil  

Meat and sauce for the noodles

  • Marinate the lamb gigot with salt and pepper  
  • Pour olive oil in a pot, place the lamb gigot in it and brown it evenly using very high heat   
  • Remove from heat and add large pieces of onions, the garlic cloves and the carrots.
  • After 5-6 minutes place the lamb gigot on top and simmer with white wine. 
  • Pour the chicken broth over the meat and the vegetables and leave to cook until the meat gets really tender (some extra chicken broth might be needed for the meat to get as tender as it should be).    
  • When it’s done, remove the lamb gigot from the pot and debone it using a fork.     
  • Mash up the vegetables using a hand blender.
  •  Strain and keep the broth. 
  • Boil the broth using low heat and 1/3 of it has evaporated. 
  • Enhance flavor by adding salt, pepper, fresh butter and fresh thyme.    
  • In a shallow pot place the lamb and the sauce. 
  • Add the Cretan traditional noodles and fresh butter, grated Cretan graviera cheese and fresh finely chopped thyme.  
  • Serve with thin slices of Cretan graviera cheese  



for the recipe

1 kg Skioufikta – handmade tubular pasta
100 gr olive oil
45 gr red pepper
45 gr green pepper
45 gr yellow pepper
150 gr oblong cherry tomato
90 gr olive rings
45 gr caper
1 pinch of salt
Granulated pepper
Fresh oregano
160 gr local Feta Seliani or other Feta cheese




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