Agios Minas Cathedral


Agios Minas Cathedral is the majestic metropolitan temple of the patron and protector of the city of Heraklion. Its foundations were built on March 25, 1862 and it was completed in 1895, according to the plans by the Epirotian architect Athanasios Moussis. It is located in the center of the city and it is one of the most beautiful and imposing temples of Crete. The temple can be visited throughout the day.

In front of Agios Minas there is a small church built in 1735. It is the first church of Agios Minas, the “little Agios Minas“, as the locals call it today. 

It was built at the expense of the Holy Monastery of Saint Catherine of Sinai (they were the only ones who, due to special privileges, could erect a church) and later housed, for the first time after the Turkish conquest (1669), the Metropolis of Crete, which didn’t have a base accommodation at the time.

The church has two aisles, the northern one is dedicated to Panagia Pantanassa (Ypapanti) and the southern one to Agios Minas.

The current form of the monument differs little from that of the Turkish occupation. The iconostasis of the church, especially that of the Ypapanti aisle, is an excellent example of ecclesiastical wood carving. Many of the images of the temple that have survived to this day are works of Cretan hagiographers of the 18th century with great artistic value.

Next to the church of Agios Minas, there is a large square with beautiful cafes where you can sit and relax, overlooking the Museum – Church of Saint Catherine of Sinai (16th century).





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