St. Mark Basilica


In a prominent position in the historical center of the city, opposite the Morozini fountain, there is the Metropolitan church of St. Mark of the Venetians, which today houses the Municipal Art Gallery.

The construction of a temple dedicated to their patron, St. Mark, was one of the first concerns of the Venetian colonists. The temple, which was built across the Ducal Palace, held an important position in the society of the Venetian rule era. Here all the lords and officials assumed their duties with all solemnity, but also here the common people asked for the Saint’s protection.

In the same area, dukes and members of the official aristocracy were buried in sarcophagi with reliefs. Two of these tombs are visible today on the east side of the temple.

Today, the imposing space of St. Mark Basilica hosts the Municipal Art Gallery of Heraklion, where periodic art exhibitions and many cultural events take place.





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