“Kostas Kotsanas” Museum of Ancient Greek Technology


The “Kostas Kotsanas” Museum of Ancient Greek Technology studies highlights and presents to Greek and foreign visitors the technology of the ancient Greeks, an extremely important but relatively unknown aspect of the ancient Greek civilization.

In a Venetian building, the “Palazzo d’Ittar”, at 18 Epimenidou Str. in the center of Heraklion, visitors have the unique opportunity to explore the exhibition “Ancient Greece – The Origin of Technologies”.

The key contribution of the ancient Greeks in the fields of Philosophy and Fine Arts has been documented by the international scientific community. Their contribution to the field of ancient Sciences is equally well known. However, the Technology of the ancient Greeks is relatively unknown, as well as their unique achievements in this field. The exhibition of the museum of ancient Greek technology brings back to life about 300 extraordinary inventions of the ancient Greek technological wonder.





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