Open-air cinema over the Venetian fort walls


The only open-air cinema in the city is located on the Venetian walls.

Instead of soldiers, there are spectators, and instead of cannons, there are projectors. History blended in culture – a combination that enchants the Heraklion people as well as the lucky visitors who have the opportunity to enjoy a movie under the stars and in the heart of the fortified Venetian wall that surrounds the old city of Heraklion from end to end.

The municipal open-air cinema “BETHLEEM” was named after Bethlehem gate that led to the same named bastion, where the Venetians had their cannons. 

In 2007 the low fortified square was converted into a cinema. In the adjacent garden theaters created in the moat of the Venetian walls, dance and theater performances, concerts and other cultural events are hosted in summer. 

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