Museum of Ancient Greek Technology K.Kotsanas

The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Kostas Kotsanas studies, highlights and presents to the Greek and foreign visitors the technology of ancient Greeks, an extremely important but relatively unknown aspect of the ancient Greek culture.

In a Venetian building, the Palazzo d’ Ittar at 18 Epimenidou Street in the center of Heraklion, within a total area of 460 square meters, guests have the unique opportunity to explore the exhibition “Ancient Greece – The Origins of Technologies “, which includes approximately 90 selected exhibits, from the robot- servant of Philon to the “cinema” of Heron and from the Hydraulic Clock of Ktesibios to the Antikythera calculating Mechanism.

The exhibits are fully functional and are accompanied by rich audiovisual material in Greek and English. Free textual material can be provided in French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish language. The explanatory information, the analytical designs, the images, the videos, the animations and the references of the bibliography provide a complete experience of visit. Moreover, the museum offers scheduled experiential educational guided tours by qualified staff on a daily basis, for visitors of all grade levels and subjects.

Τhe museum highlights that the technology of the ancient Greeks, just before the end of the Ancient Greek world, was very similar to the beginnings of our modern technology.

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