Monastery of St Peter & St. Paul


Overlooking the big blue of the Cretan Sea and on top of the Venetian Walls, a large imposing Gothic temple stands proud over the centuries. 

The Monastery of St Peter & St. Paul that was built during the first years of the Venetian rule (12th century) as the catholicon of the monastery of the Dominican order.

It was one of the most important and largest Latin churches in the city.

It is located next to the sea wall, between the Venetian port and the Dermata gate, on today’s coastal Sofokli Venizelou avenue.

During the period of the Venetian rule, the monastery was used for burials of prominent Venetians, while during the Ottoman rule it was turned into a mosque dedicated to the memory of Sultan Ibrahim.
Together with Agios Nikolaos of Splantzia, Chania, they are considered the two most important Catholic institutions on the island, of Gothic character, with particularly bold architectural innovations.

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