Cretaquarium – Thalassokosmos


The magical beauty of the ocean’s depth and the experience of diving into such a familiar yet unknown world, the underwater world of the Mediterranean cannot be described in just a few words.

Offering 61 tanks which contain a total amount of 1,600.000 liters of seawater, it is the largest aquarium of the country and home of 2.500 sea animals of 200 different species living in its nature reserves. CretAquarium is ranked among the largest aquariums based on the most cutting-edge technologies.

The visitor will have the chance to see large mammals, rare fish species and sea turtles. The Big hunter sharks will take your breath away, and you are also going to love the jellyfish and tiny seahorses. Although there are panels in front of the tanks to present information on the fish tanks, tour becomes a far more interesting experience thanks to audiovisual systems applied by the aquarium.

CretAquarium is located in the area of the former American Base in Gournes, 14km from Heraklion.





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