Agios Titos (Saint Titus)


Agios Titos (Saint Titus) was the city’s largest and most imposing temple during the Second Byzantine period and also the Metropolis (Cathedral) of the Diocese of Crete. During the Venetian era it was the seat of the Latin Archbishop, and during the Ottoman period it was converted into a mosque and its belfry into a minaret. Initially (in 1446, year of its inauguration), the temple was a basilica with three transepts and a wooden roof. It was destroyed by the 1856 earthquake and its reconstruction lasted from 1869 to 1925. At present, it has the form of an almost square-shaped basilica with a dome, and its three transepts are separated by two archways. The temple houses the Holy Skull of Saint Titus which was transferred from the temple of Saint Mark of Venice.





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