Cretan Wines


Cretan vineyards are among the most historic vineyards worldwide. According to relevant research data, they date back to the Minoan civilization. Nowadays, Cretan vineyards are considered to be important wine-producing zones in Greece and the new generation of Cretan wines has received high awards in international competitions.

In the modern wineries of Crete, visitors will have the chance to taste unique wines made of indigenous grape varieties which are produced in the island of Crete. The most famous local white varieties are Vilana, Vidiano, Thrapsathiri, Dafni, Malvazia, Muscat of Spina and Plyto while red varieties include Kotsifali, Mandilari, Liatiko and Romeiko.

You can contact the wineries located in the wider area of the city of Heraklion to enjoy a complete wine tour in the vineyards of the region offering scents and aromas of local wines that will surely captivate you.

The following wineries operate in the municipality of Heraklion: Alexakis winery in Malades, the Daskalakis winery in the small village of Siva, the Diamantakis winery in Kato Asites, the Heraklion Union winery, the Efrosini winery in Kerasia, the Idaia winery in Venerato, the Menexes estate of the Kypriotakis family in Kambos of Agios Syllas, the Maragakis bros’, Sp. winery, the Metaxari winery in Avgeniki, the Fantaxometocho estate of Boutaris winery in Skalani, the Amargiotakis, Douloufakis, Louloudis and DAF WINES winery in Dafnes.

In the wider area of the Heraklion prefecture you may visit the domain Gavalas in Voria Monofatsiou, the Digenakis Winery and the Peza Union (the Union of agricultural cooperatives of Peza) in Kalloni, the domain Zacharioudakis in Plouti, the Lyrarakis Winery in Alagni, the Miliarakis Winery in Peza village, the Michalakis Estate in Partheni, the Paterianakis estate in Melesses, the Strataridakis Bros winery in Kasteliana which is the southernmost winery in Europe, the Mediterra Winery, the Stylianou Winery, the Titakis Winery in Kounavoi and the Haralabakis Winery in Avli of Pediada.




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