Profitis Ilias - Kyparissi - Roukani- Kalou - Galeni

Follow the route PROFITIS ILIAS-KYPARISSI-ROUKANI-KALOU-GALENI. Visit the village that was chosen for the reconstruction of the Byzantine “capital” of Crete by General Nikiforos Fokas and climb towards the mountaintops, enjoying the unobstructed view and the verdant slopes. Walk in gorges, visit caves and cool off in natural fountains that have been flowing for centuries. See chapels, each of which has its own story to tell, admire their architecture and travel mentally to the past! Meet beekeepers, stockbreeders, olive growers and herb growers to try, but also obtain their pure products and have fun until morning with locals at one of the festivals, listening to traditional music and enjoying delicious food accompanied by wine or raki!
Visit Profitis Ilias, built at the foot of the Rokka hill, a village chosen for the reconstruction of the "capital" of Crete after the Byzantine reconquest of the island in 961.
Go up to the village of Kyparissi with the wonderful view to Profitis Ilias and the green plain.
Drive to the village of Roukani built at the foot of the hill "Parathyri" at an altitude of 410 m.
Drive to the small and beautiful village of Kalou. Walk in the picturesque alleys, admire the simple architecture of the "Cretan farmhouse" and visit the beautiful square of St. George church, celebrating on 23 April.
On the road to Profitis Ilias-Kyparissi, at an altitude of 390 meters, you will find the village of Galeni which is rich in viticultural and olive products, such as grapes, raisins, wines, oil and olives.
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