Voutes - Agios Myron - Pyrgou - Kato Asites - Ano Asites


In order to know the way of life outside the Venetian walls, follow the route VOUTES-AGIOS MYRON-PYRGOU-KATO ASITES-ANO ASITES. Enjoy the natural beauty of the area with its endless olive groves and vineyards and stop at the traditional villages you will encounter. Walk in picturesque alleys or verdant paths, keep cool drinking water in natural fountains, see up close traditional trades and taste fine delicacies made from regional products, such as local cheese, handmade cheese pies, traditional smoked sausage and “apaki ”, which will take you back in time!

Stop on the main road and admire the Trigiris residence, one of the most beautiful mansions in the countryside, which was turned into a command post during the German occupation in WW2.
Agios Myron is built on a site where the ancient city of Rafkos used to be located and is named after Bishop Myron, who was born and active in this area from the 3rd to the 4th century (250-350 AD).
Visit the traditional settlement of Pyrgos and admire the wonderful view to the Krousaniotika Mountains and Mount Psiloritis.
If you are an outdoorsy person and you love tradition, visit Kato Asites, built at the foot of Mount Psiloritis.
If you love nature and tradition, visit Ano Asites built at the foot of Psiloritis.
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