Outside the walls…

Wander around endless olive groves and vineyards emphasizing all the natural beauty of the area and offering moments of calmness and relaxation.

Don’t forget to take a stop in the traditional villages just to walk in the picturesque alleys or wooded paths, to refresh yourself in the natural fountains and to meet locals practicing traditional occupations.

Discover unique landscapes of gorges, running water, natural caves, chapels, springs, and learn about the local legends and traditions.
Our exquisite dishes and delicacies made from local products such as local cheese, handmade cheese pies, traditional smoked sausage and apaki (traditional Cretan smoked pork), flavours that give visitors the chance to travel into the past, offer you an irresistible gastronomic pleasure.


The first route into the inland region of Heraklion includes the villages of Voutes, Agios Myronas, Pyrgos, Kato Asites and Ano Asites.

A second equally beautiful route passes through the villages of Dafnes, Siva, Venerato, Avgeniki and Kerasia.

A third separate route starts from Profitis Ilias, passes through Kyparissi, Roukani, Kalou and reaches Galeni.

These routes stress the region’s historical monuments and monasteries-churches, the beautiful natural landscapes, the unique Cretan flavours as well as the various cultural activities, traditional occupations and local handicrafts.


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